Growing up, SF native Naeya kept her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter a secret from her family/friends all her life. After graduating college to appease her immigrant parents, she uploaded her first YouTube video of her singing which garnered thousands of hits overnight, to her surprise. Once her hidden talent was exposed, she decided to leave her corporate job and take a leap of faith. She quickly signed a management and production deal, moved to LA to pursue her music career, and never looked back.

While in LA, Naeya got the chance to work with super producer Clayton William (E-40, Justin Bieber, Sage The Gemini) before crossing paths with producer John Strucel. The latter helped her shape her raw, dark and emotional sound, inspired by singers like Banks, and Lapsley. This collaboration led to a co-publishing deal with distinguished production companies Alcon Entertainment and Sleeping Giant Media, home to artists known as No Doubt, Colbie Caillat, Paul McCartney, and many more.

Naeya bared her soul in her debut EP entitled Secrets in 2016. It was quickly picked up and written about by well established blogs all over the world. In January 2017, she released her single Stay Away, and it quickly landed in Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist and Spotify France’s official “Jour de Pluie (Rainy Day)” playlist. Naeya’s second single Home, also quickly made it onto Spotify’s official Fresh Finds: Hiptronix playlist and Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. Naeya is continuing to release singles throughout the year.

Naeya’s music with producer John Strucel expertly threads Electronic and R&B creating songs that are both evocative and absorbing. Her distinctive voice effortlessly moves through a production of stuttering synths, rumbling bass and an ambience that surfaces amid each new musical shape. The result is seductive, cinematic and sure to impress.